Bonsai is a Chinese word derived from 'Bon', which means tray and 'Sai', which means nature. The art involve reducing the size of a trees by means of pruning, wiring techniques, etc., to give the tree a shape and meaning. Bonsai art originated in China about two thousand years ago, as an object of worship for Taoist monks. For them it was a symbol of eternity; the tree represented a bridge between the divine and the human, heaven and earth. It was then transferred to Japan by Buddhists; making it a philosophy of life.
For centuries the possession and care of bonsai is being linked to the nobles and people of high society. According to tradition, those who could keep a potted tree were guaranteed eternity. This is how the monks arranged the small trees in vessels along the stairs of the temples and even were a source of worship. In recent time, Bonsai has become a decorative art, and as a matter of fact, national festivals are being held every year around the world on Bonsai - where the best developments in this area are exhibited and rewarded, in addition to selling copies.

Practicing the ancient bonsai art in your home can have dozens of benefits.
Having bonsai in your home would be a great idea, not only because they are perfect for decorating your home, but because they offer additional benefits to your health. When you decide to have one, your home becomes an environment free of impurities and charged with good positive energy. Bonsai is associated with good fortune and eternity, and has decorative features that will give your home and garden the appearance of paradise.
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