DAIVIET! BONSAI was birthed as a dream of young man - Trung Kenny Ngo. "My dream is to build my own Bonsai Garden!"

During his years of searching and studying he came in contact with bonsai and it became his dedication and passion. He learned about bonsai from several Japanese bonsai books, online and bonsai communities.
Bonsai is resonated with his own believe and philosophy; it brings happyness. He belives the universe are governing by law that if we follow and practice we can living a happy life and hamony with nature.
He is passionate about share what he learned with bonsai enthusiasts essential information and materials to make their bonsai growing dream come true.

Bonsai is the art. Our vision to DAIVIET! BONSAI to become a place for bonsai enthusiasts to hangout and share ideas and practicing this great tradition.
We believe in our core principle of continuous learning, practicing and teaching to embrace bonsai philosophy to our modern living.
DAIVIET! BONSAI also aim to provide with a wide range of quality prebonsai, bonsai plants and its equipments for our community.

DAIVIET! BONSAI mission is to embrace bonsai art.
To become a trusted source for prebonsai and bonsai trees, with a wide variety of accessories and tools for the care of your bonsai.

Why does our quality set us apart?
At DAIVIET! BONSAI we personally select the trees we offer, one by one. They are then worked and styleed by bonsai expert with more than 15 years of experience. We give qualities that make them stand out; every one of our bonsai is a dedicated breathing art.

All our bonsai are marketed once replanted and established in the best substrate for each species, with worked roots and nebaris in sight, fertilized with the best fertilizers on the market, irrigated with osmosis water and with daily monitoring of their growth and development to avoid the appearance of pests or diseases.

All this effort and love for bonsai allows us to offer only quality trees, in perfect aesthetic and phytosanitary state and also, with a multitude of detailed photographs of all parts of the tree, to avoid unpleasant disappointment upon receiving them.
"DAIVIET! BONSAI, our quality sets us apart." Your online bonsai store.